Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thumb Sucker

Whew. Sorry for the delay. This past week, I was sick, Hudson was sick, and my computer crashed, so I am a little behind. Below is the blog post for last week that I just finished writing. I'm a little behind.

Hudson has found his thumb and has begun to suck it, just like his big sister. It is cute now, but we would prefer neither of them did it.
His muscles have developed to the point that he is nearly mobile. When we put him down in his crib at night, it is not unusual for him to scoot all the way to the end, turn around and be scoot half the way back to the original side by the time we get him in the morning.
My parents have been really helpful. My mom really enjoys the opportunity to feed Hudson. He really likes his food and but he does get frustrated since he can eat faster than we are able to shovel the food into his mouth. He will start to cry if the next spoon full of food does not get to him quickly enough.
Sara Beth has been amazingly helpful this past week. We have been on perpetual water restrictions here in Wylie, and have been unable to wash our cars in the drive way. Sara Beth decided that my car really needed to be washed, so she got some wet paper towels and climbed up on my car and began scrubbing it down, and did an impressively good job with it.
Part of the fun of having a baby is seeing their reaction when you give them new foods with exotic flavors that they have never experienced before. For example, when I gave Hudson his first pickle, I asked Heather to get the camera and capture the moment.
 We got to play with wild animals this past week. Sara Beth found a worm and decided it would be her pet. She named it Licorice and built a house for it in the front yard. She gave me explicit instructions to not run over his house with the lawn mower. A couple days later, she found a green inch worm, named it soccer ball, and decided that it would be a friend for Licorice. We mentioned that not all wild animals are friendly and that sometimes wild animals might bite, like a squirrel or raccoon. She thought about this for a second and then responded "A Tyrannosaurus Rex is a wild wild animal because it really bites."
Hudson is amazingly easy going. There are days that he does not fuss or cry at all, aside from his eating escapades. 

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