Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I am behind schedule once again. So this is the details for not this weekend but last. We went camping in Daingerfield State Park with some of our neighbors who have two girls around Sara Beth's age. It was the first time we have gone camping as a family. And even though we brought a lot of modern conveniences with us (like electric griddles and portable AC unit for our tent), it was still fun and felt like camping.
We got to go on hikes in the park. We arrived Friday night and stayed through Sunday morning. Both Saturday and Sunday, Hudson woke up around 6 am, so I took him on walks through the forest for an hour or so until the others were awake. Sunday morning, Hudson asked me to go all the way around the lake. And, he then started to get hungry and began fussing once I got to the farthest point away from our camp site. 
Sara Beth and all the girls gave performances at an amphitheater that we walked past. Sara Beth's story, like all good camping stories, included ghosts in it.
  Sara Beth and the other girls loved digging in the leaves looking for critters. Especially worms. Lots of worms. Once word spread of my fear of the disgusting invertebrates, all three of them wanted to show me their worm collections. They brought them in cups to the breakfast table. They shouted out the current total count in their collections. It was rather traumatic for me.
  But that was not the only creature they found. One of the girls shouted out "Mommy, I found a lady bug! Come look at it." Unfortunately, it was a tick, so they didn't get to keep it.
By the time we got home, everyone was ready for some relaxation. Heather and the kids just sat on the floor and read some books. Sara Beth enjoyed listening. Hudson just tried to figure out what was going on, and if he could grab hold of something to shove in his mouth.
He definitely has figured out how food works. He might not be very good at getting the food from the table to his mouth, but he will definitely get upset when I start to eat and do not provide anything for him. He doesn't seem to mind that only 20% of the food gets in his mouth. The other 80% is spread between his face, his clothes, my clothes, and the floor.
Every now and again, there will be some sort of candy sitting around at my work. I don't often bring gifts home for Sara Beth, but when I do, it is something edible.

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