Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Banana Theif

Heather sat next to Hudson playing with him while she finished up her breakfast. Suddenly, Hudson grabbed the banana out of her hands and began to munch on it himself. Heather didn't have the heart to take it away from him. The phrase "like stealing candy from a baby" has new meaning with him around.

He also has gotten much better at scotching around on the floor, and will regularly get himself off the soft blanket that we place over the more rough carpet. Sara Beth, being the helpful big sister that she is, picked him up and carried him back to the middle of the blanked and "gently" placed him back down.
Sara Beth had her last school performance of the year last week and Sara Beth's teachers let her and Ashlyn stand next to each other. They giggled together through the songs, though Sara Beth did not miss a beat.
Hudson continues to charm all the ladies. Random women will regularly stop Heather and ask to rub his hair. Hudson's world famous woman charming skills even work on girl babies. 
Sara Beth worked hard to make this Mother's day special. On Saturday, she and I worked on filling out a book about Heather. It had several pages full of questions like what is Heather's favorite movie and hobby, and Sara Beth drew the answers. ("VeggieTales" and "curling her hair" were the answers given for movie and hobby).
Heather decided to celebrate the end of the school year with Sara Beth by taking her to Build-a-Bear where she picked out a horse and named her "Sparkle".  Sparkle the horse is now very well cared for, with Sara Beth grooming her and making sure she has pajamas on at bed time. This morning at the breakfast table, she asked for a bowel of oats for Sparkle to eat. Sara Beth then proceeded to talk to Sparkle about how she would pick Sparkle up from the last day of horse school after she got out of her school.

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