Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I did it

Sara Beth's lingual skills have developed to the point that she will now routinely use short sentences.  Her favorite is "I did it!"  She will repeat that whenever she accomplishes any size task.  When she puts some trash in the trashcan, she will say it.  When she climbs into her chair for dinner, she will say it.  If she gets her doll stroller stuck in a tight spot somewhere in the house, she will say "Help! Help!" and then when she frees the stroller on her own three seconds later, she will exclaim "I did it!"

Spring has definitely sprung around here.  The afternoon temperature consistently flirts with triple digits.  But, on the bright side, it gives us a perfect reason to eat popsicles outside.  Sara Beth loves the treat, but will end up consuming about half of it after it has dripped onto her arm or arm.

Sara Beth enjoys her indoor bounce house as she can do all sorts of physical exercise and Heather and I don't have to be concerned about heatstroke.  Once she starts to slow down from the exertion, she will sometimes lay down in the middle of the bounce house.  If Heather or I try to lay down next to her, she will loudly proclaim "Wake up!"  I'm just glad that we still keep a gate infront of her bedroom door so that she is not able to come into the master bedroom at 5 in the morning to say that same thing.  I think it is only cute when the sun is shining outside.

My parents are coming down more regularly to check on the house that they are building.  When they come down, Sara Beth has a great time playing with them.  In this picture, she took Grandpa's hat, ran around the living room with it, and then climbed back on the couch to put it back where she almost exactly where she found it.

Heather plans our dinner's a week in advance so that she knows what she needs to purchase from the grocery story.  She uses a pen and paper to make the plans and a dinner list at the same time.  Sara Beth likes to color using the same pen and paper.  When Sara Beth saw the pen and paper in Heather's hands, she sweetly climbed up next to Heather, snuggled her for about 5 seconds, and then made a lunge for the pen.

I have introduced Sara Beth to video games. I think that I will introduce them to her in the order that they were released, since the early ones were the easiest to figure out.  I fired up the original Nintendo that we have and showed it to Sara Beth.  In, Mario Brothers, she likes the pause button as that makes the coolest noise, but her favorite game is duck hunt.  She can't actually hit anything, but she likes the bright flash when she pulls the trigger and loves the ducks and dog that show up on the screen.

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