Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tea and Necklaces

Not that it is a surprise to anyone, but Sara Beth loves jewelry, just like her mother.  Lately, she has her favorite bead necklace.  We don't want her snapping it and choking on a bead while she sleeps at night, so she doesn't have it then.  But most mornings, she begins her mornings by asking for the necklace, and then keeps it on until she goes down for her nap, and the process repeats after her nap until bead time.  She is really good about giving it up, though.  We ask her and she will voluntarily remove the necklace and hand it to us though she does it with the saddest eyes.  You can see the pink beads in a couple of the below pictures.

Sara Beth loves tea.  She will ask for a sip from Heather's cup... 

And whenever she gets that sip, she will then ask to have the whole rest of the cup for herself.

Tea cups are not the only thing that Sara Beth wants to share.  After declaring herself all done with her dinner, she got out of her seat and then went over to sit in Heather's lap.  She then wanted to take Heather's knife for her own purposes.  Heather didn't give it to her, but Sara Beth kept reaching for it, stopping only to smile for the camera.  Sara Beth didn't have the beads in this picture because we just got back from the pool and sat right down for dinner so she didn't have time to adorn herself.

While Sara Beth loves her necklaces, bracelets, bows, purses, and dolls, she also enjoys playing with matchbox cars.  She has several that somehow turn up in her toy collection, but she will then take the car and drive it around the house producing the sounds of a revving engine and squealing tires.


Unknown said...

H-m-m-m-m-m I wonder if the roaring engine and screeching tires has something to do with her dad's driving...... :-)

Jaime Leigh said...

So adorable!