Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Making dinner

This past week Sara Beth made dinner for her and Heather.  She went to her play kitchen, and prepared some plates of play food to eat.  She then went to get Heather. Heather was led back to the play room to eat "dinner" with her.  Heather was so proud of her, she had to take a picture.

Sara Beth made the final touches to her meal and then asked Heather to sit down with her to eat it.

The mere fact that it is summer outside won't slow Sara Beth down from putting on her winter clothes.  She opened the dresser drawer on her own, and dressed herself.  Heather suggested to her that perhaps it might be a little warm for the hat and scarf and leg warmers, but Sara Beth would have none of that talk and wanted to go outside anyways.

Don't let the sleepy look fool you; Sara Beth's morning has slowly shifted from 8:15 to 7:15.  For a while she was wanting to get up for the day at 6:30am, but we were going to have none of that.  In the mornings, before she fully wakes up, she will snuggle up with you, so I do enjoy relaxing with her on Saturday mornings.   Before long, inevitably, she will fully wake up, and begin to run around for the day.

Sara Beth is facinated by loud noises.  Last week, an ambulance with its siren on passed Heather's car, and Sara Beth has mentioned it every day since then.  Earlier, I mentioned the hot Texas summer around her, but, fortunately, we have had rain this week, so it has cooled off and has been rather pleasant. With the rain storms comes all the thunder and lightning.  Sara Beth will always mention the thunder when you talk about the rain with her.

While it was raining, we have gone outside to play.  I showed Sara Beth the drain pipe and explained how the "intsey weensey spider" climbed up a water spout just like that one.  When I sang the nursery rhyme, Sara Beth did the hand motions.

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cmchrisk said...

Her striped socks and hat looks like she should be breaking out in a Toby Mac or KJ52 song! How cute!