Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Well, Memorial day weekend has rolled around, and ToysRUs celebrates the holiday by putting stuff on sale.  So, we bought Sara Beth's birthday present a little early.  Ok, a lot early.  And we put it up right when we got home instead of waiting until her actual birthday.  Since that point, Sara Beth has had a lot of exercise jumping in her new bounce house.  With every leap, she says "Jump".  So, while cooking in the kitchen, I can hear "Jump .. jump ... jump ... jump" from the other room.  

Occasionally, when our cars are sitting in the garage, we let Sara Beth sit in the front seat.  She loves turning the wheel, pushing all the buttons, and making engine noises.  Our neighbor bought a new truck, and when Sara Beth and I were sitting in the back seat in his driveway, she climbed out of my lap, over the front arm rest, and into my neighbor's lap and began to play with the wheel.  And now, whenever we go to any store, she will continually ask for the "car cart."  Some stores have carts with a steering wheel for the kids to turn, and if Sara Beth had it her way, all stores would have those carts.

All kinds of fruit are now in season, which means all varieties get to be a part of dinner.  Sara Beth, of course, wants to use the cherry pitter herself.  She knows that her mom is more likely to let her play with metallic tools at the dinner table, so she slides up into Heather's to fulfill her cherry pitting desires.

Sara Beth has actually gotten to be rather helpful when it comes to putting up dishes from the dishwasher.  She knows to which cabinet each item goes.  The only two issues are:m1) she cannot reach half the cabinets on her own, and 2) she can get distracted playing with all the cool stuff in the cabinets.

In what we will call the before-bounce-house era, BBH, Sara Beth enjoyed playing with the cushions on the couches.  Or, to be more exact, she enjoyed playing in the structures that Heather and I built from the couch cushions and blankets.  She would come up to us and ask for her "house," which is what she called the mounds.  Now, she wants us to drape the blankets over her new bounce house, and doesn't care for the couch cushions anymore.

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