Friday, August 22, 2008

Bath time fun

I come home and Heather happily says that Sara Beth was fussy today.  In order to soothe her, Heather had to cuddle and snuggle her all afternoon.  She was sad that SaraB wasn't feeling well, but she didn't mind helping SaraB feel better at all.

This evening, I prepare the water for the bath that Sara Beth takes every other night.  As the experienced parent may know, babys cant take as warm of a bath as an adult normally would. Of course, I'm still getting used to that fact.  So we get SaraB out of her diaper, and Heather starts to put her in her little mini-tub when she realized that the water is too hot.  She puts Sara Beth back in her lap and I drain some of the water and begin to refil her tub with cooler water.  With all the rushing watter noises, Sara Beth decides she needs to go to the bathroom.  All over Heather's dress.  We bathed her, then I put Sara Beth into her night-time clothes and settled her down for the night while Heather took a bath of her own to wash off.

Also, the photographer that came by to take pictures of Sara Beth has put some of them up online at her website which is at  We thought they turned out nicely.


Melissa said...

Love love love the pics!!!!

---jen said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! I love that style of baby and child photography, too. I've bookmarked her site and her blog, though I'm not sure I know anyone who would need her services right now. But she's very talented, and you have a beautiful daughter! :)