Tuesday, August 12, 2008


As some have noticed, I have become slower at updating the blog.  Sara Beth has been very fussy lately, and so there is not all that much to post about.  "She's crying again" does not make for very riveting reading.  We tried all the suggestions that everyone has given, to no avail.  SaraB would still cry and pull herself into a ball as if her stomach was hurting.  So yesterday, Heather calls the pediatrician and he prescribed some muscle relaxers for her stomach.  

Heather wanted to get the medicine as soon as possible.  Since I am working from home, I was on baby duty while she went out to get the medicine from the pharmacy at Albertsons.  Of course, she was the nervous mom leaving her child.  And, so, it was almost inevitable that the pharmacy did not have the medicine. 

I have to give the Albertson's pharmacy credit though. By the time that Heather had arrived, they had allready called around to the other pharmacies in the area to find one that did have the medicine in supply.  Heather then had to go to a Wallgreens, and it was apparently the slowest Wallgreens in the area.  Heather called twice in the 40 minutes she was gone to make sure that SaraB was ok.  

We gave Sara Beth the medicine and she settled right on down.  We had our happy, non-fussy baby again.  We celebrated by going for a walk that evening. 

Since that time she has been much happier.  

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Melissa said...

Bless her little heart, I hope she is better and I want to come visit next week if that's good for you guys? We are housesitting in Allen this week. :)