Thursday, August 7, 2008

Her Modeling Career

While I was in the office catching up on the work I missed, Sara Beth got her picture taken.  Apparently, there is a contest for profesional photographers.  The winner's pictures will be displayed in doctor's offices across the metroplex.  One of our neighbor's friends entered this contest and our little girl was one of her subjects.  Since Sara Beth is the cutest baby out there, she will win, guaranted.  And as parents, we get a free 11x8 of SaraB for volunteering, so everyone wins.  

  SaraB might just have a career in the modeling industry.  Even though (or maybe it was because), she slept through most of the process, the photographer said that Sara Beth was "the easiest baby she's worked with."  

During lunch, I decided to try and be helpful and change Sara Beth's diaper.  Sara Beth decided to do her projectile pooping trick again.  My cat like reflexes allowed me to move quick enough so that my clothes remaind unsoiled, but she managed to hit every blanket in the basinet again.  I think I am going to put down one single covering blanket to minimize the colateral damage before opening up her diaper from here on out.


Melissa said...

Okay, here's a trick.......before you change her, place a new diaper underneath her....then carefully remove the soiled one.......wipe quckly and put the other one in place very very fast.....then if she decides to mess up anything it's her diaper and not you or the blankets.....I know, I'm just a well of info...lolol; it does work.

Melissa said...

By the way, the ants are at my house this sent them!!!!!!!!!! LOL!