Sunday, August 10, 2008

Her big day

Heather's Aunt and cousins from Florida came in town this weekend to see our family and for a dual baby shower/sip and see for Heather and her cousin Sadie.  Sadie's son is due on the day before Thanksgiving.  Heather's Aunt has been an immense help around the house.  She has been cooking breakfast, preparing dinners, and comforting Sara Beth when both Heather and I are exausted.  

We got Sara Beth all dressed up for her big appearance at the sip-n-see yesterday.

Instead of going to the baby shower, I went and saw the Iron Man movie with a friend.  The only guy that went to the event was Saide's husband, who had cammera duty.  As a side note, I didn't think Iron Man was as good as the reviews made it out to be.  To me, it was all about explosions, guys surviving hunred foot falls because they were in an iron suit, and futuristic computers.  You could tell the computers were futuristic because they all beeped and whirred every time someone pressed a button or coppied a file.  I think the sound effect guy was paid by the noise so they crammed as many in as they could. 

  Anyways, back to SaraB.  According to Heather, she did so well at the event, but by the time it was winding down, she was ready to come home.  She slept on the car ride home, and I rocked her to sleep in our dark and quiet closet once she got out of her car seat.  She needed some time to decompress from all the stimulation of the party.  


---jen said...

That's what family visits are for after a new baby is born. When my mom had me, my grandmother came over and stayed for two weeks. When she had my brother, my other grandmother came. When my sister came along, both my aunts on my mom's side came and stayed. It was all oohing and ahhing over the new baby and helping out to make sure the new parents got plenty of rest while they were visiting. My sister was "lucky" enough that she lived with my mom when my niece was born. I'm glad you were able to have family come visit and help out some.

And those are absolutely the most adorable Mary Jane booties I've ever seen! :)

Jenn said...

She looks like a little baby doll all dressed up!!