Monday, August 4, 2008

The generosity of friends

Yesterday, friends helped us out all day long.  Our neighbor mowed our yard, and did a better jobs than I ever have done.  We got a delicious dinner brought to our house,  others brought a special delivery of extra blankets and baby wipes.  And still others brought cards and gifts for Heather and I.  There were so many people wanting to come by and help out that we had to even turn some away.  So thank you to all who helped out.  It is wonderful to just be able to sit back and not even need to leave the house.  We have dinners though Friday , so we dont even need to leave the house, which is good since it is about 105 degrees outside.  Thank you to all who have helped/are helping/will be helping out.

Oh, and Heather's aunt mentioned that Sara Beth looks just like Heather did.  Take a look at this picture of Heather at 2 days old and see if you can see a resemblance.  Also, take note that Heather and Sara Beth weighed the exact same when they were born.

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Melissa said...

the hair even sticks up the same. :)