Wednesday, August 13, 2008


It does look like the stomach muscle relaxers did the trick.  Up to this point her digestive system has been so tight that we couldn't burp her.  Now we call her our little baby truck driver as she gives some rather hearty burps after feedings.   She's also gaining weight very quickly.  The rolls under her chin have developed into a full second chin.

 She is now fully into size 1 diapers, and so we have some packages of newborn diapers that we will have to return to the store.  We also have a slowly but constantly growing pile of newborn clothes that she no longer fits into.  SaraB will turn 2 weeks old tomorrow; Heather is taking her to the doctor for her checkup, sw we'll find out how much she now weighs.

She has developed a tase for snacks.  During the day time, she will start acting hungry only an hour after her last meal, but then once Heather starts trying to feed her, SaraB will just start playing around.  We are, or I should say, Heather is, still working on this new development.

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Melissa said...

Man, she is growing fast!! I can't wait to see her next week. Love you all.