Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Little Prodigy

Every day Sara Beth grows and develops just a little more.  Butterflys dangle from a bar over SaraB's bouncer, and Sara Beth reached up to grab one yesterday.  Butterfly grabbing were an olympic sport, she would have scored high marks in both object recoignition and in hand eye coordination.  Maybe in 4 more years, it will be added as a new event.

Next, Heather took Sara Beth over to Courtney's house, and there Giovanna and Sara Beth became good friends.  Giovanna calls her new friend "Itty Bitty Sara Beth".  To compliment that, Sara Beth looked at Giovanna and smiled! 

Tomorrow we are going to clear out most of the newborn clothes.  They have all been so cute on her, but she continues to grow.  Each day we dress her in a new outfit, and then, on some days, we dress her in another outfit when she spits up on the first.  Some of the accessories stay on her better than others:

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