Monday, August 4, 2008

Significant milestones.

Who would have thought that a baby would take so much time?  I'm still trying to catch up this blog with the events that have happened.  Not last night, but the previous night, Heather's milk came in.  Sara Beth was so suprised when she started nursing that she almost choked.  Since then, Sara Beth likes eating just a little and then falling straight to sleep after 5 minutes.  Every time, we have to wake her up by rubbing, poking, prodding, or stripping her until she wakes up enough to continue.  

  Sara Beth got all cross-eyed for the first time.  I don't know if it was gas or she was looking at her nose but it was real cute (probably gas).  I probably need to start carying the camera every where I go so I can capture all these little events.  She also picked up her head on her own.  Heather was burping her, and she was able to lift her head off of Heather's hand and hold it upright on her own for a couple seconds.  Heather also wants to point out that she has already found her hands.  I'm not as familiar with that one, but Heather says that SaraB found her hands much more quickly than the average baby.

  And as a personal milestone, I can actually change a diaper without fear and tepidation.  Even the time where she continued to try dirtying her diaper after I began to take it off was handled with style and finess... Well maybe not finess, but I didn't get her clothes dirty in the process.


Unknown said...

Wonderful commentary, Peter! I'll call you whenever we get our phones back. Can't wait to see SaraB

Melissa said...

Sounds like you guys are just doing great! Congrats on diaper changing Peter. Heather, kiss her for me. :)