Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Savoring the moments

It is amazing that this is the last day of my vacation; I start working again tomorrow.  I must say that this has been the fastest week of my life.  So many things happen daily that I want to remember for the rest of my life.  I love my job, and am very thankful for one where I look forward to going to work every morning, but it will be hard after this week when I can spend all morning doing this:

After such a relaxing morning, Heather and I ate lunch and then got ready to feed Sara Beth.  I decided to change her diaper in the basinet instead of on our bed.  When I opened up her diaper, I find that it is just wet.  "What?  Thats all you got?" I said out loud.  Sara Beth must know English already, because she then showed me what else she got as soon as I was getting ready to seal up the new diaper.  Keep in mind this was made while her back side was about a foot away from the side of the basinet.  

I'll be more careful with what I say to her, and never think about changing her diaper in our bed again.


The Langfords said...

She is so adorable. Something about daddy's and their daughters!

And by the way...are you responsible for giving the ants my address? They are paying me a visit and they are SO unwelcome!

Melissa said...

Stock up on the spray in wash.....those diapers will pass...Heather, if you need anything, call us. I can come by after I get off work tomorrow. :) I get off at 4pm

The Jones said...

Wow! Nice diaper! On a serious note, this past week, and the speed of it is how we are finding our life has been since becoming parents. You want to soak up every precious second because before you know it, they are walking and talking and all over the place. Enjoy every bit of it, it goes by sooo fast!